How to plan a perfect wedding morning


The morning of your wedding day may be the most stressful part, the last moments to get everything ready and done. After all the weddings I’ve done, I have some tips I will share with you guys so the morning goes as smooth as possible.

Location is key!

When planning a wedding, you think about all the details and the getting ready location is as important as the rest. Look for a place that suits the wedding style and that has enough space for all the people who you will be with: brides maids, sisters, mother, and of course the team that will be there with you like the hair and makeup, the videographer and photographer.

When you are looking for your photographer, the thing that attracts you the most is their style, so make sure you talk to them about the place you are getting ready so you can have the images you dreamed of. If you are drawn to their airy and lighter images, then make sure you find a place that has (big) windows, natural light coming in the room, and with lighter coloured walls.


Create a timeline

If you are have a wedding planner, most likely you will already have a timeline planned out and reviewed with the photographer, but if you don’t then here are some important things to have in mind. For a smooth morning, it is important to create some cushion time in every stage because you never know how those 15 extra minutes can save you, unexpected things may happen and you have to be ready for anything.

Your wedding details are part of the story

Your photographer will ask you to have all your details and accessories ready for them to photograph in the morning so getting everything prepared the day before is a big time saver and also you won’t be so stressed in the morning looking for everything.

For the bride, those items include: dress, shoes, veil, hair piece, engagement ring and wedding bands, other jewellery, heirlooms, bouquet, perfume, and wedding invitation suite. For the groom: tux/suit, bowtie/tie, boutonnieres, accessories like watch and cufflinks.

Make sure to ask your florist to give your extra flowers (the same as the ones in your bouquet) for the photographer to style details.


“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.”

Bridal prep party-1851.jpg
Bridal prep party-1937.jpg

Create time for you and your friends

It is important that you create time in your morning to have some chill moments with your family and friends. Why not create a fun atmosphere with them, even plan a breakfast or brunch with them. Those moments can be helpful, they are the ones who will be by your side and calm your nerves.

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Styled Shoot - Wedding Planner: Lidia Ruiz | Florals: OhFlor Store | HMUA: Dulce Wedding & Bokeh Makeup | Dresses and robes: Laura Vila Atelier | Cakes and sweets: La Llaminera | Rentals: Abanik Rent Events | Graphic Design: C.A.Studio | Venue: Mas Rosset | Models: Simona, Lluna, Marina, Patricia